Wednesday, May 18, 2011

PTHS students hope for P2D2 program expansion

By: Kent Casson | 2 weeks ago
St. Rep. Jason Barickman talks with PTHS teacher Paul Ritter on Monday (photo by: Kent Casson/WJBC).
State Representative Jason Barickman is joining Pontiac Township High School students in urging the senate passage of a house bill, which expands the Prescription Pill and Drug Disposal Program in Illinois.
On Wednesday, the senate will consider House Bill 2056, which would assess a $20 fee on those convicted on drug offenses. The money would be used to fund disposal of prescription drugs.
PTHS student Amber Brunskill made a video about the P2D2 Program, which originated in Pontiac.
“We went down to the Illinois House and it really got be interested. I have been involved in P2D2 across the state with Mr. (Paul) Ritter,” said Brunskill.
Student Beth Guelde has worked with P2D2 for the past few years.
“Last year, we introduced it to the Caterpillar Plant, which then introduced the program into some new states. I have seen it grow pretty far. This year, we are introducing P2D2 in Hawaii and Alaska too,” said Guelde.
Barickman addressed some PTHS students on Monday morning, saying he is impressed with their efforts to help protect the environment. Barickman says he is proud to do his part of help expand the worthy program throughout the state.

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